Santa Brings People 30% off Picture Collage Maker Pro plus a Free Gift

Here comes the Christmas, a time full filled with jubilation and celebration. It is also a time of gift giving and receiving between your families and close friends. Are you ready?

PearlMountain is pleased to announce big price cuts on Picture Collage Maker Pro with 30% off plus a Free PearlMountain Image Resizer, totally saving you 60%off. With Picture Collage Maker, you can present a meaningful photo collage as a Christmas gift to the one you love. This big discount can be available only before the end of the Christmas. Take care! 

This 30% off Christmas promotion includes Picture Collage Maker, Picture Collage Maker for Mac and Picture Collage Maker Pro. Anyone buying Picture Collage Maker Pro can get a FREE PearlMountain Image Resizer Pro as a gift. This saves you as much as $41.90 in total. 

Picture Collage Maker is a fun and easy to use collage generator which can create stunning photo collages from any set of images on Mac OS X as well as Windows. With just a few clicks, you can customize Christmas cards, collages, scrapbooks,wall collage in a matter of seconds. Besides its regular features, this special edition includes more fantastic Christmas templates. 

As long as you want to knock off your monthly payment, you are welcome to enjoy this big discount promotion at: http://www.picturecollagesoftware.com/promotion/christmas-promotion/index.html.

Receiving a self-made Christmas card from your friends or families will never make you unhappy, isn’t it? Why not send them one right away? They may also be more than happy to see the card made with heart. Everyone wants to remember the every joyful moment when become older. So why not make a keepsake or collage when you are still full of youth and vitality? Just take a Picture Collage Maker Pro now! It’s 30% off. 

What’s the Feature of the Christmas Edition Picture Collage Maker Pro?
- 24+ special Christmas templates.
- Enjoy the ease and flexibility of drag and drop to place photos.
- Rotate, resize, and reposition images to ones liking.
- Get started quickly with over 130 templates for all projects and occasions.
- Use clip art, text, and backgrounds to personalize the collage.
- Export the finished collage as an image, print it out, or email it to friends and family.

To know more information, you can directly send message to PearlMountain here:
Follow PearlMountain on twitter at @pearlmountain_t
Like PearlMountain on Facebook at PearlMountain

Have you ever enjoyed Picture Collage Maker Pro? Try it here: http://www.picturecollagesoftware.com/promotion/christmas-promotion/index.html.

Never fail to remember the big discount promotion time for PearlMountain Christmas Pack, a great gift from Santa Claus. Once the Christmas is over, so is this unforgettable deal!  

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Add Answers to Facebook Question about Collage Templates

In order to get a better understanding of the majority needs of collage templates, PearlMountain has recently created a poll on its Facebook page – A poll question on Picture Collage Maker templates. If you love collages, answer the question that what kind of collage templates of Picture Collage Maker you desire.

We hold this public survey, because we want to make improvements in templates creating; because we want to provide better services to everyone; because we want to cater to the needs of most collage fans; also because we want to be loved by more and more people. 

As you know Picture Collage Maker already has many types of templates for lots of occasions, such as Birthday, Baby, Anniversary, Wedding, Calendar, Holiday and so on. But we want to know which one is the most popular for the majorities. Please add an answer to the poll question and your advice is very valuable to us.           

This survey is held on PearlMountain’s Facebook page and it will take you only several seconds to fill your answer in. You can just login your account to take part in this poll. You just need to add your answer to the poll column and we will know your mind about the Picture Collage Maker templates. If you have no any other answers besides the added choices, you can simply choose one or more and check them. Anyhow, we would prefer to hear the charming voices from your heart. We are grateful to you for your bounteous support.    

In addition, if you are not sure what kind of templates getting in your mind, we hope you can Ask Friends to take part in and to have their voices in this poll. We also hope that you can Like us on Facebook and Share this poll to your other social friends.  

All our dear followers and friends, thank you very much for always being there with us just like we are always here with you. Now move your mouse to PearlMountain Facebook page and add the answers and advices.    


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Make Greetings Impressive on Mac with Greeting Box

PearlMountain Technology has announced Greeting Box for Mac v.1.0.1, an easy-to-use but FREE application. It provides people a more convenient and fun way to create personalized greeting cards for any occasions and holidays on Mac. It allows people to make individualized greeting cards by adding personal photos. People can send each other the self-made greeting cards to keep a fair relationship with friends and acquaintances.  

After PearlMountain’s Greeting Card Builder for Windows, Greeting Box for Mac is coming out. Greeting Box comes with rich templates and numerous art resources for practically any holidays and occasions, such as Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Using Greeting Box is as easy as 1-2-3. With just a few clicks, users can manually customize their cards with their own photos and thoughts. It requires no additional training to transform ordinary photos into stunning greeting cards.

The simple and intuitive interface of Greeting Box enables people to start immediately to build cards in just 3 steps: choose a template; personalize the card; print or export the card. Lots of design features are available so that one can add text, set page size, or change background to make the greeting card visually more appealing. Photo-cropping makes photos fit well into the frame so that there is no messing in the card. Decorate cards attractive with numerous art recourses like frame, mask, clipart etc. What's more, users may resize, rotate or adjust the placement of objects at will. It’s easy to add text with any color or size on your card according to ones preferences. 

The multi-export ways allow users to print greeting cards directly or export any page or pages of greeting cards as image format. Greeting Box supports half-fold printing to suit people’s needs. Also, Greeting Box provides options to send any page or pages of the card directly to E-mail. In addition, one can save the card as a .GBP file for further editing.

What’s more important, the templates will be updated constantly to meet more people’s needs. Every user can get more fascinating and unique templates at a very low cost In-App Purchase. 

Greeting Box is just one of those wonderful and practical tools that brings much happiness to people around the world. This user-friendly application focusing on the Mac platform will bring a positive interaction and communication to people.

Greeting Box is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or above the operating system. It is top 10 free app on Mac app store. Further information of the product can be found at the product page. 

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CollageIt Pro Giveaway at BitsDuJour Available for Only 24 Hours!

CollageIt Pro is a program on Windows that makes photo collages automatically. It will be totally free on 15 September at BitsDuJour.com. There will be unlimited number of copies for worldwide users. The schedule for this 100% off deal is from Saturday 15 September, 2012, and it’s only available for 24 hours.

BitsDuJour is a website providing various Windows and Mac software deals. It offers valuable software discounts every day and provides a platform for 50% to 90% off exclusive discounts and 100% off software deals, each lasting for 24 hours only. Now BitsDuJour, the free software deal provider has initially cooperated with PearlMountain, the vendor of CollageIt Pro and has added the software to its "BitsDuJour 100% off" list for giveaway.

For BitsDuJour is changing products every day, and each deal is only available for 24 hours, just come on to get this photo collage software worth $19.90 at:

You definitely don’t want to miss it. Compared with other picture collage software, CollageIt Pro exceeds in its automatically generating collages and extremely easy-to-use. Some of the highlighted features include:

1.  Simply add your photos to your collage; using “Random Layout” to generate layout automatically and customize collage; then export or share your collage.

2. Choose your favorite collage layout from various collage templates.

3. Easily personalize collage by adjusting photo number, photo space, page margin, rotation, sparse, and so on. Decorate collage with photo border and shadow.

4. Save collage as an image file; set as desktop wallpaper; share through Email.

BitsDuJour will make this ongoing deal public in advance. If you would like to have one Free, just register in the website to get the email. Everyone just needs to click "I Want This" button for the needed software and will get a notice Email when the “preordered” product is formally online. It can be guaranteed that each copy provided is the legal and latest version of the software product, so the transaction is 100% safe.

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Top 3 Tips for Back to School

Vacation is coming to an end and it is already the time for books, pencils, erasers, teachers, and the lunch line. Some students love it for it brings them the new clothes, new notebooks, new backpacks, new shoes, everything new, but some other students dread it for they are still immersed in the gaiety of the holiday and vacation. Are you ready for back to school?

Here are 3 tips for you to go back to school happily and willingly. If you are a student, comply with it. Parents should help your children work these tips out perfectly.

To begin with, homework should be one of the most important things that students care. After all, the mission of students in daily life is studying. You can outline the assignment and break it down into some manageable parts. Then finish them one by one. You will feel a great sense of achievement after you finish one part of them well. As parents, you can monitor their homework carefully and help them correct their mistakes. Since they have accomplished their homework well, they aren’t afraid of back to school. However, they may still be unwilling to go back to school. So here comes another tip.

New clothes, new notebooks, new backpacks, new shoes, everything new is absolute a great appeal for every economic dependent student. Perhaps, parents can purchase these things for children online. There are so many online store are promoting their goods at this time. And a lot of things can be got for free from the online back to school giveaway promotion. Just search the words “back to school giveaway”, you will see all kinds of marvelous goods in front of you.

The last but not the least, students can customize some beautiful collages with personal photos to record the wonderful moments in holiday vacation, for these recorded memories will paint these happy days, with colors that never fade. Especially for these who still deeply fall into the atmosphere of holiday, they will divert their concentration to the process of collage. After the collage process, they will pay their attention to study gradually.

Hope these three tips can help in steering you in the right direction. Being sober-minded, always carry the weightless treasure of knowledge easily. It’s the start of a new school year. Believe yourself that you will make a big difference in school as well as out of school.

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Record Thrilling Olympic Moments with Customized Keepsakes

Since you are still staying tuned with live updates on London Olympic Games, why not make some self-made keepsakes to record the exiting moments of the Olympic Games with your hearts or use beautiful words to remember the splendid glories? Bear them in mind through long history.

There are so many mass-produced London Olympics souvenirs on online stores. But it provokes questions that can you find your favorite keepsake? What and who should be memorized eternally in the competition? Don’t worry, you can easily have a comprehensive collection of the all the Olympic keepsakes you favored. Just make them with Picture Collage Maker by yourself with photos you like.    

Collect some photos about London Olympics. It is maybe a person who means too much for you or inspires you too much in life; a cheering scene for the victory; a friendly hug for competition friendship; a sight of shedding tears of excitement. Whatever, everything about the London Olympic you want to remember. Take photos of these wonderful moments you think, and produce them into unique collages.

For these people who had used Picture Collage Maker, they may know clearly that it is suitable for almost every individual since it is used as easily as falling off a log. You should only import your collected photos into the program and customize your keepsakes. Choose a template for your keepsake and change your keepsake background. Moreover, apply delicately designed mask or frame to your keepsakes. Clipart can be added at your will.

To get more fabulous keepsakes, only the process of decoration above is not enough. You should do more. Maybe add some text to your keepsake. Fine tune all your keepsake objects by changing their orientation and position or applying shadows and other effects. Images can be cropped, resized and arranged to fit well within the collage freely. If you want to show more unique insight into your keepsakes, you can experience some advanced features of the program. The only limit is your imagination.        

As a fan of collage-making as well as a fan of Olympics, it is a pity that you have no collection of your own favorite Olympic keepsakes in life. So spare some time to make some keepsakes. And you will be always accompanied by the 2012 London Olympic Games.

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Cool Twitter Promotion on PearlMountain

Are you an enthusiastic person who like special offer? Are you an active user in Twitter? If you are, get the great opportunity easily to join in this PearlMountain Twitter promotion. It will last until the August 8, 2012. Please don’t wait until the last minute to enjoy it. Like the idea of getting all goods at a discount of 30% and save big. More details can be found at PearlMountain promotional page.     

If you are a fan of any DIY art works such as self-made photo collage, scrapbook, calendar, greeting card, invitation card, poster, and any photo-related artworks, it’s time to find the premium software from PearlMountain to extend your creativity to the most.

Sometimes life is so vapid and boring that we think our life is so long without anything to do. At this time, don’t you want to do something meaningful to refresh your life? Don’t you want to control your life well to make it cool?

In fact, you can make it. Customize some photo collages to record your romance; create some self-made keepsakes to memorialize the wonderful travelling moments in places of interest; send your greeting cards to keep well in touch with acquaintances or friends; share personalized scrapbooks created with your own photos and thought to cultivate your taste and temperament. Or do any other thing to enrich your pastime. Anyhow, in these times, I think you wouldn't think twice about getting a photo-related software to beautify your rough photos. 

It’s better to get one with big discount now you meet than to look for it when needed some other day. Don’t forget to take advantage of huge markdowns on all great products from PearlMountain. Come for the latest and greatest promotion! Don’t miss your big chance.

If you have had a twitter account, follow @pearlmountain_t and retweet us. But if you haven’t had a twitter account, just register one and follow us. This promotional activity will end on August 8.

In my leisure time, I always create collages to enjoy my life. How about you? Is your life dull and tedious? If so, make some DIY photo-related art works. It will color the monotonous hours in your life.  

It is beyond doubt that under the assistance from PearlMountain, you will have much richer experience in working out more delicate art works. Check out the latest and greatest offers and deals on PearlMountain

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Sort Graduation Photos into Everlasting Memories

The month of graduating has just passed. It is a chance of growth, a new expedition in life, but also a time of parting. In the future you may see younger college students graduate every year, but for you, graduation memories happen just once and never again. When the time comes, you are prepared to leave the campus, say goodbye to classmates and teachers and to everything which has been so familiar to you.

No matter you have just graduated or have done long ago, you are surely to have some delicate feelings every year this time. Being both excited and uneasy, young people bustle around for their graduation attending all kinds of boisterous good-bye parties with classmates and roommates,  going on graduation trips, hunting for jobs or internships, and taking graduating photos.

When the hubbub quiets down, maybe you are now working in a company or interning at somewhere, or taking part-jobs to wait for the postgraduate semester to come. You will still recall what graduation means to you now and then. 

When look at hundreds of photos taken in your college life, all happy and melancholy memories could emerge. Take an afternoon in leisure weekend to sort these photos, you may surprisingly find that you are living your college life once again. The photo taken when you and your friends go travelling, another one snapped when you were drunk at a birthday party and there are so many more.  Details of college life may fade in the time as you drench yourself in endless work and housework. Thanks to digital photos nowadays, we are able to grab these fantastic moments in life and share them with our family and friends.

Usually you may just save the original rough photos on computer or if candid enough, you upload them directly onto your Flickr or Facebook. But to your disappointment, comments or likes may come in quite a small number even after months’ of time. The fact is that you have better ways to deal with these precious memories. You can edit them with software like PhotoShop, or make them into a special album or put them into wonderful collages with some graphics software. Since mastering PhotoShop is a process so intimidating and complex for most amateurs, why not try some more user-friendly and interesting tools like Picture Collage Maker or CollageIt?

Picture Collage Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use program for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from digital photos with just a few mouse clicks. Various professionally-drawn templates and layouts will make your graduation photos unique and creative. CollageIt is a very useful software which produces collages automatically according to the layout you choose after adding photos to it.

If you don’t want to spend too much time on editing photos of your life, and if you don't intend your photos for National Geography, practical tools like Picture Collage Maker and CollageIt will help save time and money compared with some complex graphics software.

Graduation memories are too precious to let go, so pick a time to sort them out. Refresh the photos as well as your memories by putting them in an album or in collages with your heart and the right tool.  It’s the part of life worth recording to be everlasting memories and to be shared among the ones you love and care.

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To Inspire a Generation---London 2012

It is a truth universally acknowledged that London had held the 4th and 14th Olympic Games in 1908 and 1948 respectively. However, there comes the third time for London to hold the 30th Olympic Games this year. People in London will be immersed in a competition atmosphere of enthusiasm. In fact, it is not only for London, but also for the world.

Look at the London Olympic logo creatively designed. It embeds “2012”, “London” and the Olympic rings into the logo. Is it the voice of London that London 2012 Olympic would become everyone’s Olympic and become everyone’s 2012? From this logo, you can see that it symbolizes the dynamic, modern and flexible age, reflecting a new and colorful world. It also tells us that in this world, people, especially young people are no longer at rest, but armed with new technology and new media network. They must be in want of much more encouragement. However, London 2012 will inspire the young people from every corner of the world to take part in physical exercise actively.  

During this great competition, some people may take part in London Olympic in person or some watch it on TV. Anyhow, everyone will be together with Olympic Games; everyone will be together with London city; everyone will be together with the competition spirit.    

However, it is for the whole world will have to get involved in the Games, something unhappy may happen unexpectedly causing by the feeling of national honor. There is no doubt that every competitor and every cheering squad would expect their own team win in the competition. Some people may pay much attention to the victory so that they forget the Olympic spirit that this game will bring peace and friendship to the people from the world.

As promoter of the modern Olympic movement, Coubertin said "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle." I think that is what really makes the Olympics what it is. So don’t blind our weak eyes to the wretchedness of our present lot, and dim the glory that is to be revealed.

As long as you hold fast to your dream and stick with your belief, you will be the final winner of London Olympic. Believe that you will be inspired by the Olympic spirits. London 2012 Olympic Games will be bound to inspire a generation. 

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Create a Personalized Blog Background with CollageIt

If you are a blog owner, won’t you like to make your blog outstanding? To be honest, as a Blogger owner, I would. But it will not be outstanding without you doing anything. In the long term to run a blog, I understand that the blog with only some readable articles cannot be the most attractive while a blog with both readable articles and a personalized background can make it. 

A personalized background, to some degree, refers to a background designed with a unique thought and unique photos. CollageIt, an easy-to-use program, will assemble your unique photos to make a blog background reflecting your personality quickly and automatically.

Before open your CollageIt program, you should prepare some classical photos first. You can download your photos online from some big websites like Flickr or use your own photos from your camera or other photo stock. However, most people would rather choose the latter than the former, because they think that the latter is tend to be more unique and meaningful. It is also true for blog owners to make the characteristic blog background. 

After preparing your photos, add them to the CollageIt. You can click the Page Setup and Background button in the upper left to set your collage and change your collage background respectively. What’s more, you have a few options to fine tune the appearance of your collage. In the Layout section, you can choose one collage style from the four styles including Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile. You are also able to control the individual photo number and photo Margin by setting the Layout. Meanwhile you can use Shuffle and Random Layout to change the order of the photos in the collage automatically. By doing so, a desired collage for blog background is initially formed. 

When you finish your collage, you can preview it in the collage and export it as image. If you think it deserves to be called a personalized image, you can upload the image and set it as your blog background to attract more visitors. In fact, you can personalize your Twitter background, Facebook background and other page backgrounds in the same way. 

Have you ever found the right way to create a personalized background for your blog? If you haven’t found it yet, try to find the answer from CollageIt.

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Four Tips for a Wonderful Alone Travel

Nowadays, traveling alone becomes more and more popular. It can help you release yourselves from your work and housework, and refresh yourselves. Besides, traveling alone also helps you find the answers you may have been seeking, and discover the questions to all your unfounded thoughts including the responsibility for your life by enjoying yourselves, analyzing your past, and planning your future. There are four tips for a wonderful alone travel for you before you to start your solo travel.

1. Making a Good Preparation

A good preparation makes a good beginning. So making a well preparation before starting helps you start smoothly and enjoy your journey without any concerns.

Firstly, you should learn the local climate of your destination and prepare the appropriate clothes. Secondly, you may need to book your train or plane ticket in advance. Thirdly, to make sure that you can gain help when you are falling into troubles in your destination, you had better to tell your friends and family where you will go, and to leave the copies of your documents to them before you start your trip. Last but not least, you had better to put some chocolate or beef in your package bag to release you from a sudden hunger.

2. Arriving During the Day

You should schedule your trip to make sure you get to your destination during the day. Because areas around bus and train stations can be scary and/or deserted, and small towns tend to shut down early.  Arriving during the day allows you to find a place to stay and get your bearings before dark.

3. Defending Your Security

If you are a women traveler, you should dress appropriately as well as conservatively to avoid the unwanted attention. Besides, you may also avoid making eye contact with strangers. What’s more, if you are pestered, you may turn to the local stores or hotels which may help you by calling for the police or force the obnoxious person to go away.

4. Taking and Sharing Your Memorable Travel Photos

When you are enjoying yourselves in the beautiful views or scenery in your destination, don’t forget to take photos to record them as your memorable travel photos to share with your friends and family.  If you think a scene or view is unique or special, don’t hesitate to record it by taking photos and turn it into your everlasting memories. In fact, the rough photos often fail to express the uniqueness and specialty of the scenes. You may also need to process your rough travel photos and make them better to express your wonderful travel experiences before you share them with your friends and family. You may need to process them with software like Photoshop and make them into fantastic collages with Picture Collage Maker.

May you have a wonderful alone travel with those four tips. We are Looking forward to sharing your wonderful alone travel experiences.

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DIY Wedding Greeting Cards for Newlyweds

Marriage is the shiniest and brightest note in every individual’s life. Marriage brings people exciting and wonderful moments in their daily lives! A good wedding is a good beginning of a good marriage. For newlyweds themselves, they are responsible for the wedding dresses, suits, rings and other things for their wedding. But as a guest or bosom friend, we can give them our gift along with a DIY wedding greeting card.

When we give the newlyweds our best wishes, a DIY wedding greeting card makes the special day perfect. We can personalize the greeting card with free greetings, for weddings, which express our deep feelings and emotions perfectly. However, making a special wedding greeting card is not as easy as sounds. It needs a good preparation.  

It should be admitted that a perfect wedding greeting card can't be too delicate. It should be little simple but much appeal. Generally speaking, a greeting card has four pages: front cover, inside front cover, inside back cover, and back cover.  We should design them one by one.     

For the front cover, some beautiful flowers with wishes are always chosen as the main theme while a quietly elegant background is chosen for adorning. Write their nick name and some simple words like: “Happy Wedding Day” “Congratulations!” If your handwriting is not bad, write it by yourself for it is more moving and touching. Of course, the number of photos and the certain words to be written depend on your ingenuity. You can design more creative according to your unlimited imagination.   

For the inside front cover and the inside back cover, there should leave some space for the newlyweds’ wedding photos. For my part, if the inside front cover is left for the wedding photos, I will leave my wishes in the inside back cover. I would like to shout out my great big blessings to bless them forever.     

For the back cover, many people think it is a detail that can be neglected. Actually, that is not the case. Although it, more often than not, isn’t seen at the first sight, it will show your carefulness and the affection between you. So you shouldn't be careless. Design it as you design the first three pages. Draw a Fresh and elegant back cover is a much more perfect idea. No one loves gaudy and garish cards all the time.

When the four pages are finished, you can add a musical box in the greeting card. You can also add something as decoration or ornament to the wedding greeting card, especially a band of lace trimming or embroidery. That is your DIY wedding greeting cards which is able to express your wishes completely.   

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Five Keys for a Perfect Self-timing Photo with Your Digital Camera

Nowadays self-timing becomes more and more popular among females. Many women try their best to take themselves beautiful photos with their digital camera but they often fall into disappointment and frustration after several failing experiences. They are either on the way to quitting their favorite hobbies of self-timing or to finding skills to self-time better. In fact, skills for self-timing better do exist. Let’s learn five keys for a perfect self-timing photo with your digital camera to share with your friends on social websites like Facebook and Flicker.

1. Choose a Beautiful and Proper Background

Before you begin your exciting self-timing, you should take consideration for the background of your photo. It should be beautiful and unique in artistic view to enhance the beauty of your self-timing picture. Besides, it should be in concert with the color of your clothes or disposition of you. It can be set on the seaside, grassland but never in your narrow toilet.

2. Design Your Pose Previously

An old saying goes that a good actor comes from well preparation. The same goes with self-timing. You should design your pose before you begin your exciting self-timing with your camera for a perfect photo. What I will mention here is the attentions you should paid to when you design your fantastic poses.

To make you look slimmer, you should shot from the top to down and guarantee that your camera angle is at 45 degrees in your head position and raise your head slightly to look to the camera. To make you look more nature and intellectual, you should shoot from bottom to top by bowing your head and letting the hair covering your face to make it look cuter.

3. Keep a Certain Distance from Your Camera

Don’t close enough to your camera, or you will most likely get an ugly look in your self-timing picture. In fact, to get a better look of your picture and make your face look small and cute in your self-timing photo, you should keep a certain distance from your camera never close enough to it.

4. Don’t Use Your Flash Light

Never use your flash light for it will shadow the photo and make the shadow part of your face look much clearly. The true beauty will be turned into a plain woman with flash light to self-time. If you shoot under poor lighting conditions, you might consider using an external light source by setting background on a white wall or white paper to supple the light.

5. Process Your Self-timing Photo

Last but never the least, after you took your beautiful self-timing photo, you should process it with software like Photoshop or turn it into collages with collage creator like Picture Collage Maker to give you a perfect look in your photo or collage.

Keep the five keys in your mind and start to self-time with your camera according to them; you can easily get your long expecting effect of self-timing photo.

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Three Tips for an Amazing Fathers’ Day Gift

We can never ignore the importance of father in our life.  As William Wordsworth said “Father! - To God himself we cannot give a holier name “. He taught us how to count from 1 to 100; he taught us how to ride bicycle; he taught us the value of life; he supported and encouraged us when we get down or frustrated. He always says less but does a lot. He sacrificed a lot for us since he decided to become our father. He began to raise a family with scaling back many of the activities and interests that defined his life previously and giving up the freedom to be spontaneous whenever the mood strikes since we were born. He deserves an amazing and unique gift which helps us express our gratitude and respect for him. With the coming of the Father’s Day, there are three tips for you to present an amazing gift for your respected father.

1.     A Bouquet of Beautiful Flowers

A bouquet of beautiful flowers is an essential part of an amazing gift for this coming Father’s Day. Flowers that convey your gratitude and respect for your father with their special meanings are ideal for Father's Day.

A bunch of blooming roses will express your reverence and gratitude for him. White and Red Roses are considered the official flowers for Father's Day. People wear a white rose to honor a deceased father and a red rose to honor a surviving father. Besides, flowers stand for masculinity, tall and sturdy like fathers such as tropical flowers are also an ideal choice of this Father’s Day gift. What’s more, Men love flowers in bright, hot, bold and aggressive colors like yellows, oranges, purples and reds such as Tulips, Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Asters, etc. which can also be a amazing Father’s Day gift.

2.     A Stunning and Unique Collage

As your father may walk half of his life as a man, he has experienced many significant moments of his life like his childhood, the graduation of his university, his marriage ceremony and so on. He may treasure the photos of those important moments in his old photo album which is easily fading away.

In fact, you can scan those old photos into computer and present him a sunning and unique collage made by collage creators like Picture collage Maker, CollageIt , Pearlmountain Image Convertor, etc, as an amazing Father’s Day gift to him.

3.     A Gift According to His Interest

The last but not least, an amazing Father’s Day gift should consider your father’s interest. And you must see the smile in his face when he receives this special gift. It must bring happiness to your declining father.

So, if he likes collecting antiques, you can buy for him an ancient vase; if he likes going to fishing, you can buy for him equipments for fishing; if he likes drinking wine, you may consider buying him a decent wine.

So don’t hesitate to make a decision referring to the tips as mentioned above to present an amazing Father’s Day gift to your father to express your gratitude and respect for him. He will definitely feel happy. So there is no reason to prevent bringing happiness to your declining father. Just act!

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Main Points of Restoring Faded Photos

Time is the most ruthless but powerful thing than any other things, which makes people become old, fades individuals’ memories, and tries all. Human beings are so tiny in front of time. Even a recorded photo cannot record things permanently for the colors may fade out day by day. However, as the time passed by, are you willing to throw away your faded photos which record your beautiful memories? If you are not, you should know the main points about restoring faded photos now.    

Learning something about restoring the faded photos, you can save your faded photos easily one day. There are three main points referring to fixing a faded photo: Color Balance, Contrast Enhancement, and Saturation Enhancement. To deal with a faded photo, one should control the three aspects skillfully. Of course, it must need some knowledge of art and aesthetics.   

Color Balance

Searching the meaning of the “color balance”, color balance is a term in photography and image processing. It means the global adjustment of the intensities of the colors (typically red, green, and blue primary colors). If you are a major in art, I think, you can easily adjust specific colors perfectly correct with a store of specialized knowledge. But if you are not familiar with art, the only thing you can believe in is your perception to beauty and aesthetics.     

Contrast Enhancement

A faded photo should be fixed by enhancing its contrast which refers to the measurement of the brightness level between the brightest white and darkest black in an image. Generally speaking, the greater the contrast is, the clearer the image will be. But, it is not to say that the greater the contrast is, the better the photo looks. As the Chinese old saying goes that when a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course. It is also true here. If adjusting the contrast improper, the photo will look unnatural. However, what is the best contrast ratio? The best contrast ratio to display the vivid and rich colors is 120:1.  

Saturation Enhancement

Saturation is another main factor which will affect the brightness of a photo, especially a faded photo. When you fix a faded photo, you should enhance its saturation as well as its contrast. It is not easily to manually control it well, so you can choose automatic color saturation enhancement.

After knowing these three main points, I firmly believe that you can restore your faded photos more easily

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Six Steps to Decorate a Novel Bedroom with Your Collages

Collage is just an original way to carry some life into your bedroom besides traditional way of decorating bedroom with posters, music records, bottles, frames or even photos. What’s more, you can schedule a collage covering photos of children growing up, exotic places and weddings. If there are teenagers in your house, you can help them create their own wall collages with the cover art from their CDs. So don’t hesitate any longer, join me on the journey to learn the six steps to decorate bedrooms with your collages for a better decoration.

1. Consider the Theme of Your Decoration

Since a bedroom is the personal getaway or sanctuary that expresses your taste of colors and collections, the theme of your decoration is the first thing you should consider. Only when you set your theme, you can decide the right style of the collages fitting for your theme. For example, if you want to have a feminine, shabby chic or Victorian bedroom, then you will hope to have a floral or feminine artwork. However, a modern bedroom will look great with prints in sleek frames. Once you determined the theme of your house, you can decide the appropriate color and the frame of the collages which you will use to decorate your bedroom.

2. Consider the Owner of the Bedroom

Since you may decorate the bedroom for yourself, your children or your parents, you should take the owners into consideration. You should consider their ages, hobbies, preference, and so on. For example, if you decorate the room for your seventy years old mother, you should never consider using collages made by photos of football stars. You should consider scanning and imprinting the photos she treasure in her old photo album into the computer, and make her favorite collage. You should also choose the right color of the collage she may love.

3. Choose the Appropriate Photos

After you made the previous determination, you should go into choosing the appropriate photos to fit for your theme. You can choose the beautiful scenic photo taken during your Indian travel. You can also choose the artistic photos you took last mouth.

4. Make Your Collages

 Next, you may need to scan and input the photos into your computer. Then you can create your collages with the chosen photos by collage maker like Picture Collage Maker, CollageIt and so on. When your stunning collages have been made, you should print it directly.

5. Choose Frames for Your Collage

Then you should choose frames for your collage before you put it on the wall, since directly sticking your collages onto the wall may leave behind marks of the item and holes in the wall when you get rid of them. You should also choose the right style of the frame according to your decoration theme.

6. Decide the Place of the Collage in the Bedroom

Then you can decide the place of the collage in the bedroom and put it on the wall. It should never too sparse or too intensive.

Now, our journey of decorating novel bedrooms with your collage comes to its end. May you a novel decoration for your room!

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Beautify Your Profile Photo to Be Unique

Have you ever encountered rejection when you upload your profile image just because improper size or incorrect format? Are you a “Little Miss Not-So-Popular” when you apply your use of the TopFace application at Facebook? Are you even anxious about an exclusive and its unique picture? But the meaning of worrying is no meaning. All you need to do is to take some actions to beautify your profile photo to be unique and preserve it.

However, how can you make it work easily and well? Just obey the terms and the conditions made by the webmaster. That is to say, whenever the photo format needs to be changed, change it to the object format like JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD, GIF, TGA, ICO, and PDF, RAW and so on. Meanwhile, change the photo size to the size as the webmaster asked when it is needed. It can’t be denied that PearlMountain Image Converter is a good assistant to help individuals accomplish this work. Whether are you a master of software or not, you can master it proficiently and skillfully with a few mouse clicks. Looking at the following photo, you can understand it more clearly and all its functions are labeled without any obscurity. Some simple moving and mouse click is enough to handle it well.    

I think this phrase “Little Miss Not-So-Popular” is never unfamiliar to you and no one wants to become to that kind of sort whatever in realities or at some social websites. Since people always think that we are the unique one from other people at a website, we should make an exclusively delicate profile image to impress others. So when you are at your Facebook account dealing with the TopFace application, an attractive and compelling photo must play an important role to get your photo on the first rank of the TopFace.

Beautiful things and good things are always pursued by people. So people will follow you as if you make a beautiful and delicate profile image by cropping your life photo and removing unwanted areas. Also you can adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of your profile photo to make it perfect. As I mentioned above, the software PearlMountain Image Converter which can edit and convert images by group can also perform the functions of cropping and adjusting image brightness, contrast and saturation for you. After applying these features to your profile photo, the photo will indeed bring you a lot of followers.   

This is a hi-tech society where the only limitation is your intention. As long as you are willing to be popular at a website, you will. And the excellent profile photo is a great landmark to access it.     

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Three Steps for a Perfect Travel

Many of us always say to ourselves “I need a break. I should travel.” Since we are always busy with our work or housework, we are eager to take a travel to relax ourselves from body to heart. Besides, it is a precious opportunity to have time to travel. So a perfect travel is really on our expectation. Here are three steps for helping you experience a perfect travel:

1.       Making a Thorough Preparation for your Journey

Before setting out for a journey, deciding where to travel to is really an important thing since destination counts a lot in your journey. What’s more, making a choice for a travel destination is actually convenient as there are so many places provided for you to choose from. So you can take advantage of various travel websites, travel books, and guide books to choose an ideal destination according to your interest and duration of your holiday.

Setting on a date should be taken into consideration next because you have to pin down the date of your travel to make sure whether or not that would be a peak travel season in the place you are to visit. What’s more, it will let you know whether your possible destination would be in winter season or summer.

Then you should consider the budget for your holiday to decide the place or the hotel where you would stay during your coming holiday. And you should decide the way of transportation you would choose to arrive at your destination according to the distance between your residential place and your destination place and the time that you could spend in traveling. Book the ticket for your train or plane to carry you to your destination and the accommodation there in advance. Ignoring those measures may finally bring a lot of chaos in your holiday plan.

What’s more, you may check the weather of your destination and the weather forecast of the period when you would be there to make sure that you take the right kind of clothes that will help you adapt to the weather condition there. You may also schedule your journey in the manner of itinerary. If you are not familiar with your destination place, you can take the help of a tour guide. In fact, in order to save your time and be away from difficulties in cultural differences you should also take consideration of the people, food, culture, language, and the activities you may do at your destination place when you arrive there. For example, if you love to taste different local foods, you can directly go to restaurants that offer local specialties. And in china, red is a fortunate color never symbolizing danger. When you see red symbols in china, you may never become nervous as in your home countries.

Last but not least, please equip yourself with preventive medicines and first aid equipment before you set out for your journey. With those supplies mentioned above, you can save yourselves from the possible trouble of hunting for a local doctor or drugstore if you get sickness.

Ignoring this step, you would fall into unnecessary expenditure and wastage of time during your holiday instead of relieving yourselves from daily routines. So please follow it and enjoy your travel!

2.       Enjoying and Recording your Journey

Your journey is on the way after a thorough preparation. What you need to do is to immerse yourself in your well prepared travel. You can enjoy the landscape, the culture as fully as possible. Don’t bind yourself in a hotel or merely in a restaurant for a few weeks. In fact, you can travel around your destination place on a rickety old bus and watch people of different walks of life, with different life values and beliefs.

What’s more, it’s very important to record the moment of moving triggered by a scene or a stranger through taking photos to share with your friends and relatives. And those photos can keep your precious and beautiful memories fresh.

Besides, you can taste the specialties in a local restaurant and buy some local products as keepsakes for yourself or gifts for your friends and relatives.

3.       Keeping and Sharing your Memory about your Travel

After you return from your unforgettable journey, you may be eager to share your fantastic and exciting experience with your friends and family. Don’t worry because those rough photos can’t express your wonderful journey. You should definitely present a more perfect journey by embellishing your photos which were taken during your travel. You can firstly deal with the individual photos with software like Photoshop and make your individual photos look more perfect. And then software like CollageIt either for Mac or Windows can easily turn several dealt individual photos into both stunning and unique collages. Then you can present your unique collages to your friends and families to let them experience your perfect travel.

With those three steps mentioned above, you can enjoy your journey, share your wonderful journey with your friends and family, and keep your precious memories fresh. You can make a perfect journey.

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