Top Recommended New Features in PicGIF 2.0 for Mac

PicGIF 2.0 has just hit the Mac market recently. The new version sees the addition of many new features and improvements of some old functions. With this updated version, it makes easier for users to create awesome animated GIFs from photos or any clip from a video quickly. Let’s check more new features in this enhanced version.

Free to trim any clip of a video:

PicGIF 2.0 for Mac enables you to trim any clip of your video to reserve the best part. Also you are free to make the video shorter so that you can make a GIF easier and quicker.

Add stickers from built-in resources or Finder:

On one hand, many cute and fun stickers are built-in PicGIF 2.0, on the other hand, it allows users to add their own favorite image as stickers.

Free to manage overlays:

With this feature, users can easily set the start frame and end frame for the overlays. If you want, you can adjust opacity of the individual layer at will. Besides, you are fee to move any layer up or down to meet your needs.

Apply image effects & color adjustments:

PicGIF 2.0 introduces many incredible image effect and filters like Vintage, B & W, Fade, Blue and many others. You are able to apply effects or remove effects with a mouse click. In addition, Saturation, Hue, Exposure, Contrast and other settings for color adjustments are available.

Opt to optimize the output quality & customize GIF speed:

You can customize the GIF speed with desired FPS or Frame Delay. Compared with the former version of PicGIF, you have more option to optimize the output quality of the GIF. However, dithering for a better quality will lengthen your creation time.

Directly share to Tumblr:

Besides saving the GIF to computer, sharing the GIF via Email and iMessage, PicGIF 2.0 for Mac gives you more option to share it directly to Tumblr.

Supports several display languages:

Besides English, PicGIF 2.0 for Mac supports Japanese, German, French, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese. It will benefit almost the whole world users.

Apart from these new features, PicGIF reserves some excellent features of its former version, for example, text editing, page settings and so on. Just take a look to explore more merits of PicGIF 2.0 for Mac. Sounds amazing? Try its free version PicGIF Lite out to check some of its awesome features now: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/picgif-lite/id844918735?ls=1&mt=12

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