Main Points of Restoring Faded Photos

Time is the most ruthless but powerful thing than any other things, which makes people become old, fades individuals’ memories, and tries all. Human beings are so tiny in front of time. Even a recorded photo cannot record things permanently for the colors may fade out day by day. However, as the time passed by, are you willing to throw away your faded photos which record your beautiful memories? If you are not, you should know the main points about restoring faded photos now.    

Learning something about restoring the faded photos, you can save your faded photos easily one day. There are three main points referring to fixing a faded photo: Color Balance, Contrast Enhancement, and Saturation Enhancement. To deal with a faded photo, one should control the three aspects skillfully. Of course, it must need some knowledge of art and aesthetics.   

Color Balance

Searching the meaning of the “color balance”, color balance is a term in photography and image processing. It means the global adjustment of the intensities of the colors (typically red, green, and blue primary colors). If you are a major in art, I think, you can easily adjust specific colors perfectly correct with a store of specialized knowledge. But if you are not familiar with art, the only thing you can believe in is your perception to beauty and aesthetics.     

Contrast Enhancement

A faded photo should be fixed by enhancing its contrast which refers to the measurement of the brightness level between the brightest white and darkest black in an image. Generally speaking, the greater the contrast is, the clearer the image will be. But, it is not to say that the greater the contrast is, the better the photo looks. As the Chinese old saying goes that when a thing reaches its extreme, it reverses its course. It is also true here. If adjusting the contrast improper, the photo will look unnatural. However, what is the best contrast ratio? The best contrast ratio to display the vivid and rich colors is 120:1.  

Saturation Enhancement

Saturation is another main factor which will affect the brightness of a photo, especially a faded photo. When you fix a faded photo, you should enhance its saturation as well as its contrast. It is not easily to manually control it well, so you can choose automatic color saturation enhancement.

After knowing these three main points, I firmly believe that you can restore your faded photos more easily

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