Craft Awesome Collages Using Picture Collage Maker for Mac 2.0.0

Do you want to make your collages more compelling on Mac? Do you want to apply special photo effects to the pictures in a collage? Also want to add some text effect to the caption of a collage? Even want to add border of rounded corners to any picture or text in the collage? Now you’ve got the chance.

Picture Collage Maker for Mac 2.0.0 is the perfect tool for you to make awesome collages, calendars, greeting cards, scrapbooks and other artworks from your digital photos easier than ever. It has 140+ templates for different occasions and holidays such as birthday, wedding, anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. So you can personalize your collages and share them directly on Facebook without killing much of your leisure time.

Despite of its simple and easy interface, Picture Collage Maker for Mac 2.0.0 is very powerful in functionality. It covers a huge range of filters including Vintage, Marcato, B&W and more. You can easily choose one filter effect you like to make your photo stylish in the shortest possible time. If that is not enough, you can add a mask or a frame to your photo. Moreover, crop your photo and make your photo in the collage with nice rounded corners.

Since we just put emphasis on photos editing in the former part, the collage still seems not very eye-catching. Then let’s add a text caption to the collage. Put the caption to a proper position with proper font, size, color, shadow, etc. Additionally, you can do many other things with the text. You can just create border or stroke around your text and select the color and width you want your text stroke to be. Then create some really sharp-looking glow effects and background to gain a nicer text texture. Last, you can adjust the text object to be rounded corners. With the well-designed caption in the collage, you have already completed a fine story with aesthetic pictures.

Then, you may need some audiences to enjoy your artwork. Share it directly with your Facebook friends. They may like it and give you nice comments on the collage. Of course, you can just save it as image files, set as desktop image or just send it to your friends instantly through Email.

Come on to join millions of people who enjoy Picture Collage Maker for Mac to craft your life stories more vividly. Besides, you can access to more than abundant new features in Picture Collage Maker for Mac 2.0.0, but brand new experience to organize your photos, life, and memories.

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