Add Answers to Facebook Question about Collage Templates

In order to get a better understanding of the majority needs of collage templates, PearlMountain has recently created a poll on its Facebook page – A poll question on Picture Collage Maker templates. If you love collages, answer the question that what kind of collage templates of Picture Collage Maker you desire.

We hold this public survey, because we want to make improvements in templates creating; because we want to provide better services to everyone; because we want to cater to the needs of most collage fans; also because we want to be loved by more and more people. 

As you know Picture Collage Maker already has many types of templates for lots of occasions, such as Birthday, Baby, Anniversary, Wedding, Calendar, Holiday and so on. But we want to know which one is the most popular for the majorities. Please add an answer to the poll question and your advice is very valuable to us.           

This survey is held on PearlMountain’s Facebook page and it will take you only several seconds to fill your answer in. You can just login your account to take part in this poll. You just need to add your answer to the poll column and we will know your mind about the Picture Collage Maker templates. If you have no any other answers besides the added choices, you can simply choose one or more and check them. Anyhow, we would prefer to hear the charming voices from your heart. We are grateful to you for your bounteous support.    

In addition, if you are not sure what kind of templates getting in your mind, we hope you can Ask Friends to take part in and to have their voices in this poll. We also hope that you can Like us on Facebook and Share this poll to your other social friends.  

All our dear followers and friends, thank you very much for always being there with us just like we are always here with you. Now move your mouse to PearlMountain Facebook page and add the answers and advices.    


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