Six Steps to Decorate a Novel Bedroom with Your Collages

Collage is just an original way to carry some life into your bedroom besides traditional way of decorating bedroom with posters, music records, bottles, frames or even photos. What’s more, you can schedule a collage covering photos of children growing up, exotic places and weddings. If there are teenagers in your house, you can help them create their own wall collages with the cover art from their CDs. So don’t hesitate any longer, join me on the journey to learn the six steps to decorate bedrooms with your collages for a better decoration.

1. Consider the Theme of Your Decoration

Since a bedroom is the personal getaway or sanctuary that expresses your taste of colors and collections, the theme of your decoration is the first thing you should consider. Only when you set your theme, you can decide the right style of the collages fitting for your theme. For example, if you want to have a feminine, shabby chic or Victorian bedroom, then you will hope to have a floral or feminine artwork. However, a modern bedroom will look great with prints in sleek frames. Once you determined the theme of your house, you can decide the appropriate color and the frame of the collages which you will use to decorate your bedroom.

2. Consider the Owner of the Bedroom

Since you may decorate the bedroom for yourself, your children or your parents, you should take the owners into consideration. You should consider their ages, hobbies, preference, and so on. For example, if you decorate the room for your seventy years old mother, you should never consider using collages made by photos of football stars. You should consider scanning and imprinting the photos she treasure in her old photo album into the computer, and make her favorite collage. You should also choose the right color of the collage she may love.

3. Choose the Appropriate Photos

After you made the previous determination, you should go into choosing the appropriate photos to fit for your theme. You can choose the beautiful scenic photo taken during your Indian travel. You can also choose the artistic photos you took last mouth.

4. Make Your Collages

 Next, you may need to scan and input the photos into your computer. Then you can create your collages with the chosen photos by collage maker like Picture Collage Maker, CollageIt and so on. When your stunning collages have been made, you should print it directly.

5. Choose Frames for Your Collage

Then you should choose frames for your collage before you put it on the wall, since directly sticking your collages onto the wall may leave behind marks of the item and holes in the wall when you get rid of them. You should also choose the right style of the frame according to your decoration theme.

6. Decide the Place of the Collage in the Bedroom

Then you can decide the place of the collage in the bedroom and put it on the wall. It should never too sparse or too intensive.

Now, our journey of decorating novel bedrooms with your collage comes to its end. May you a novel decoration for your room!

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