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If you are a fan of any DIY art works such as self-made photo collage, scrapbook, calendar, greeting card, invitation card, poster, and any photo-related artworks, it’s time to find the premium software from PearlMountain to extend your creativity to the most.

Sometimes life is so vapid and boring that we think our life is so long without anything to do. At this time, don’t you want to do something meaningful to refresh your life? Don’t you want to control your life well to make it cool?

In fact, you can make it. Customize some photo collages to record your romance; create some self-made keepsakes to memorialize the wonderful travelling moments in places of interest; send your greeting cards to keep well in touch with acquaintances or friends; share personalized scrapbooks created with your own photos and thought to cultivate your taste and temperament. Or do any other thing to enrich your pastime. Anyhow, in these times, I think you wouldn't think twice about getting a photo-related software to beautify your rough photos. 

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In my leisure time, I always create collages to enjoy my life. How about you? Is your life dull and tedious? If so, make some DIY photo-related art works. It will color the monotonous hours in your life.  

It is beyond doubt that under the assistance from PearlMountain, you will have much richer experience in working out more delicate art works. Check out the latest and greatest offers and deals on PearlMountain

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Sort Graduation Photos into Everlasting Memories

The month of graduating has just passed. It is a chance of growth, a new expedition in life, but also a time of parting. In the future you may see younger college students graduate every year, but for you, graduation memories happen just once and never again. When the time comes, you are prepared to leave the campus, say goodbye to classmates and teachers and to everything which has been so familiar to you.

No matter you have just graduated or have done long ago, you are surely to have some delicate feelings every year this time. Being both excited and uneasy, young people bustle around for their graduation attending all kinds of boisterous good-bye parties with classmates and roommates,  going on graduation trips, hunting for jobs or internships, and taking graduating photos.

When the hubbub quiets down, maybe you are now working in a company or interning at somewhere, or taking part-jobs to wait for the postgraduate semester to come. You will still recall what graduation means to you now and then. 

When look at hundreds of photos taken in your college life, all happy and melancholy memories could emerge. Take an afternoon in leisure weekend to sort these photos, you may surprisingly find that you are living your college life once again. The photo taken when you and your friends go travelling, another one snapped when you were drunk at a birthday party and there are so many more.  Details of college life may fade in the time as you drench yourself in endless work and housework. Thanks to digital photos nowadays, we are able to grab these fantastic moments in life and share them with our family and friends.

Usually you may just save the original rough photos on computer or if candid enough, you upload them directly onto your Flickr or Facebook. But to your disappointment, comments or likes may come in quite a small number even after months’ of time. The fact is that you have better ways to deal with these precious memories. You can edit them with software like PhotoShop, or make them into a special album or put them into wonderful collages with some graphics software. Since mastering PhotoShop is a process so intimidating and complex for most amateurs, why not try some more user-friendly and interesting tools like Picture Collage Maker or CollageIt?

Picture Collage Maker is a powerful and easy-to-use program for creating photo collages and digital scrapbooks from digital photos with just a few mouse clicks. Various professionally-drawn templates and layouts will make your graduation photos unique and creative. CollageIt is a very useful software which produces collages automatically according to the layout you choose after adding photos to it.

If you don’t want to spend too much time on editing photos of your life, and if you don't intend your photos for National Geography, practical tools like Picture Collage Maker and CollageIt will help save time and money compared with some complex graphics software.

Graduation memories are too precious to let go, so pick a time to sort them out. Refresh the photos as well as your memories by putting them in an album or in collages with your heart and the right tool.  It’s the part of life worth recording to be everlasting memories and to be shared among the ones you love and care.

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To Inspire a Generation---London 2012

It is a truth universally acknowledged that London had held the 4th and 14th Olympic Games in 1908 and 1948 respectively. However, there comes the third time for London to hold the 30th Olympic Games this year. People in London will be immersed in a competition atmosphere of enthusiasm. In fact, it is not only for London, but also for the world.

Look at the London Olympic logo creatively designed. It embeds “2012”, “London” and the Olympic rings into the logo. Is it the voice of London that London 2012 Olympic would become everyone’s Olympic and become everyone’s 2012? From this logo, you can see that it symbolizes the dynamic, modern and flexible age, reflecting a new and colorful world. It also tells us that in this world, people, especially young people are no longer at rest, but armed with new technology and new media network. They must be in want of much more encouragement. However, London 2012 will inspire the young people from every corner of the world to take part in physical exercise actively.  

During this great competition, some people may take part in London Olympic in person or some watch it on TV. Anyhow, everyone will be together with Olympic Games; everyone will be together with London city; everyone will be together with the competition spirit.    

However, it is for the whole world will have to get involved in the Games, something unhappy may happen unexpectedly causing by the feeling of national honor. There is no doubt that every competitor and every cheering squad would expect their own team win in the competition. Some people may pay much attention to the victory so that they forget the Olympic spirit that this game will bring peace and friendship to the people from the world.

As promoter of the modern Olympic movement, Coubertin said "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle." I think that is what really makes the Olympics what it is. So don’t blind our weak eyes to the wretchedness of our present lot, and dim the glory that is to be revealed.

As long as you hold fast to your dream and stick with your belief, you will be the final winner of London Olympic. Believe that you will be inspired by the Olympic spirits. London 2012 Olympic Games will be bound to inspire a generation. 

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Create a Personalized Blog Background with CollageIt

If you are a blog owner, won’t you like to make your blog outstanding? To be honest, as a Blogger owner, I would. But it will not be outstanding without you doing anything. In the long term to run a blog, I understand that the blog with only some readable articles cannot be the most attractive while a blog with both readable articles and a personalized background can make it. 

A personalized background, to some degree, refers to a background designed with a unique thought and unique photos. CollageIt, an easy-to-use program, will assemble your unique photos to make a blog background reflecting your personality quickly and automatically.

Before open your CollageIt program, you should prepare some classical photos first. You can download your photos online from some big websites like Flickr or use your own photos from your camera or other photo stock. However, most people would rather choose the latter than the former, because they think that the latter is tend to be more unique and meaningful. It is also true for blog owners to make the characteristic blog background. 

After preparing your photos, add them to the CollageIt. You can click the Page Setup and Background button in the upper left to set your collage and change your collage background respectively. What’s more, you have a few options to fine tune the appearance of your collage. In the Layout section, you can choose one collage style from the four styles including Mosaic, Grid, Center and Pile. You are also able to control the individual photo number and photo Margin by setting the Layout. Meanwhile you can use Shuffle and Random Layout to change the order of the photos in the collage automatically. By doing so, a desired collage for blog background is initially formed. 

When you finish your collage, you can preview it in the collage and export it as image. If you think it deserves to be called a personalized image, you can upload the image and set it as your blog background to attract more visitors. In fact, you can personalize your Twitter background, Facebook background and other page backgrounds in the same way. 

Have you ever found the right way to create a personalized background for your blog? If you haven’t found it yet, try to find the answer from CollageIt.

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