CollageIt 3 – Major Makeover of the Year with Numerous New Features

All the creatives and photo enthusiasts must be familiar with CollageIt forMac from PearlMountain Technology. However, do you know it has got a makeover recently? That is CollageIt 3 bringing users with a host of new features such as Free Mode to edit every photo manually, brand new templates, photo effects and many other new features.

CollageIt 3 is an easy-to-use photo collage creator for Mac OS X. It has retained all advantageous features of its predecessors, CollageIt Pro. Now the comprehensive CollageIt 3 will bring you a very different experience in collage-making. Let’s take a look at what this collage app can do.

When you launch the app, a window appears with a variety of templates with four styles: Mosaic, Grid, Center, and Pile. All new features of CollageIt 3 are integrated in these professionally designed templates so that users can have a clear idea of what the app can do. You can choose a template of your styles to get started.

After you select your template, you can add your favorite photos to the collage and simply click the Random Layout and Shuffle buttons to reorder your photos. If it is not enough, here comes more editing features with CollageIt 3.

CollageIt 3 provides an impressive array of photo effects. It’s easy to alter the vibrancy of the colors in the collage as a whole. You can choose to either enhance dull colors or artificially dull bright colors. You are able to swap photo places by dragging the photo from one frame to another. Crop your photo using Crop button below it to reposition the photo in the frame.

Like with the previous version, users can add text and adjust the font, size, color, and other properties of text. However, CollageIt 3 for Mac expands its text edit options with stylish text effects including Stroke, Glow, Background and more.

If it is still not enough after these personalizing, try the Free Mode. Free Mode makes it possible for users to edit every photo in collages manually. You are free to move, resize, rotate each photo, and adjust layers at will.

All your changes are displayed in real time. You can smoothly zoom in on your collage with CollageIt 3; edit and preview collage in full-screen mode. If you like, change the border color, width and add a border with round corners to your photo.

When your collage is accomplished, share your works of art directly on Facebook with the newly added sharing option. Besides, you can also export your collage as picture (PNG, JPEG, TIFF, GIF, BMP) or PDF, or set it as your Mac's wallpaper or e-mail it.

If you have the opportunity to try it out, you will find the year’s major updated of CollageIt 3 feels responsive and more user-friendly. It is the app that lets you create photo collage in minutes but preserve the memories for a lifetime.

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