Four Tips for a Wonderful Alone Travel

Nowadays, traveling alone becomes more and more popular. It can help you release yourselves from your work and housework, and refresh yourselves. Besides, traveling alone also helps you find the answers you may have been seeking, and discover the questions to all your unfounded thoughts including the responsibility for your life by enjoying yourselves, analyzing your past, and planning your future. There are four tips for a wonderful alone travel for you before you to start your solo travel.

1. Making a Good Preparation

A good preparation makes a good beginning. So making a well preparation before starting helps you start smoothly and enjoy your journey without any concerns.

Firstly, you should learn the local climate of your destination and prepare the appropriate clothes. Secondly, you may need to book your train or plane ticket in advance. Thirdly, to make sure that you can gain help when you are falling into troubles in your destination, you had better to tell your friends and family where you will go, and to leave the copies of your documents to them before you start your trip. Last but not least, you had better to put some chocolate or beef in your package bag to release you from a sudden hunger.

2. Arriving During the Day

You should schedule your trip to make sure you get to your destination during the day. Because areas around bus and train stations can be scary and/or deserted, and small towns tend to shut down early.  Arriving during the day allows you to find a place to stay and get your bearings before dark.

3. Defending Your Security

If you are a women traveler, you should dress appropriately as well as conservatively to avoid the unwanted attention. Besides, you may also avoid making eye contact with strangers. What’s more, if you are pestered, you may turn to the local stores or hotels which may help you by calling for the police or force the obnoxious person to go away.

4. Taking and Sharing Your Memorable Travel Photos

When you are enjoying yourselves in the beautiful views or scenery in your destination, don’t forget to take photos to record them as your memorable travel photos to share with your friends and family.  If you think a scene or view is unique or special, don’t hesitate to record it by taking photos and turn it into your everlasting memories. In fact, the rough photos often fail to express the uniqueness and specialty of the scenes. You may also need to process your rough travel photos and make them better to express your wonderful travel experiences before you share them with your friends and family. You may need to process them with software like Photoshop and make them into fantastic collages with Picture Collage Maker.

May you have a wonderful alone travel with those four tips. We are Looking forward to sharing your wonderful alone travel experiences.

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DIY Wedding Greeting Cards for Newlyweds

Marriage is the shiniest and brightest note in every individual’s life. Marriage brings people exciting and wonderful moments in their daily lives! A good wedding is a good beginning of a good marriage. For newlyweds themselves, they are responsible for the wedding dresses, suits, rings and other things for their wedding. But as a guest or bosom friend, we can give them our gift along with a DIY wedding greeting card.

When we give the newlyweds our best wishes, a DIY wedding greeting card makes the special day perfect. We can personalize the greeting card with free greetings, for weddings, which express our deep feelings and emotions perfectly. However, making a special wedding greeting card is not as easy as sounds. It needs a good preparation.  

It should be admitted that a perfect wedding greeting card can't be too delicate. It should be little simple but much appeal. Generally speaking, a greeting card has four pages: front cover, inside front cover, inside back cover, and back cover.  We should design them one by one.     

For the front cover, some beautiful flowers with wishes are always chosen as the main theme while a quietly elegant background is chosen for adorning. Write their nick name and some simple words like: “Happy Wedding Day” “Congratulations!” If your handwriting is not bad, write it by yourself for it is more moving and touching. Of course, the number of photos and the certain words to be written depend on your ingenuity. You can design more creative according to your unlimited imagination.   

For the inside front cover and the inside back cover, there should leave some space for the newlyweds’ wedding photos. For my part, if the inside front cover is left for the wedding photos, I will leave my wishes in the inside back cover. I would like to shout out my great big blessings to bless them forever.     

For the back cover, many people think it is a detail that can be neglected. Actually, that is not the case. Although it, more often than not, isn’t seen at the first sight, it will show your carefulness and the affection between you. So you shouldn't be careless. Design it as you design the first three pages. Draw a Fresh and elegant back cover is a much more perfect idea. No one loves gaudy and garish cards all the time.

When the four pages are finished, you can add a musical box in the greeting card. You can also add something as decoration or ornament to the wedding greeting card, especially a band of lace trimming or embroidery. That is your DIY wedding greeting cards which is able to express your wishes completely.   

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Five Keys for a Perfect Self-timing Photo with Your Digital Camera

Nowadays self-timing becomes more and more popular among females. Many women try their best to take themselves beautiful photos with their digital camera but they often fall into disappointment and frustration after several failing experiences. They are either on the way to quitting their favorite hobbies of self-timing or to finding skills to self-time better. In fact, skills for self-timing better do exist. Let’s learn five keys for a perfect self-timing photo with your digital camera to share with your friends on social websites like Facebook and Flicker.

1. Choose a Beautiful and Proper Background

Before you begin your exciting self-timing, you should take consideration for the background of your photo. It should be beautiful and unique in artistic view to enhance the beauty of your self-timing picture. Besides, it should be in concert with the color of your clothes or disposition of you. It can be set on the seaside, grassland but never in your narrow toilet.

2. Design Your Pose Previously

An old saying goes that a good actor comes from well preparation. The same goes with self-timing. You should design your pose before you begin your exciting self-timing with your camera for a perfect photo. What I will mention here is the attentions you should paid to when you design your fantastic poses.

To make you look slimmer, you should shot from the top to down and guarantee that your camera angle is at 45 degrees in your head position and raise your head slightly to look to the camera. To make you look more nature and intellectual, you should shoot from bottom to top by bowing your head and letting the hair covering your face to make it look cuter.

3. Keep a Certain Distance from Your Camera

Don’t close enough to your camera, or you will most likely get an ugly look in your self-timing picture. In fact, to get a better look of your picture and make your face look small and cute in your self-timing photo, you should keep a certain distance from your camera never close enough to it.

4. Don’t Use Your Flash Light

Never use your flash light for it will shadow the photo and make the shadow part of your face look much clearly. The true beauty will be turned into a plain woman with flash light to self-time. If you shoot under poor lighting conditions, you might consider using an external light source by setting background on a white wall or white paper to supple the light.

5. Process Your Self-timing Photo

Last but never the least, after you took your beautiful self-timing photo, you should process it with software like Photoshop or turn it into collages with collage creator like Picture Collage Maker to give you a perfect look in your photo or collage.

Keep the five keys in your mind and start to self-time with your camera according to them; you can easily get your long expecting effect of self-timing photo.

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