Make Greetings Impressive on Mac with Greeting Box

PearlMountain Technology has announced Greeting Box for Mac v.1.0.1, an easy-to-use but FREE application. It provides people a more convenient and fun way to create personalized greeting cards for any occasions and holidays on Mac. It allows people to make individualized greeting cards by adding personal photos. People can send each other the self-made greeting cards to keep a fair relationship with friends and acquaintances.  

After PearlMountain’s Greeting Card Builder for Windows, Greeting Box for Mac is coming out. Greeting Box comes with rich templates and numerous art resources for practically any holidays and occasions, such as Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc. Using Greeting Box is as easy as 1-2-3. With just a few clicks, users can manually customize their cards with their own photos and thoughts. It requires no additional training to transform ordinary photos into stunning greeting cards.

The simple and intuitive interface of Greeting Box enables people to start immediately to build cards in just 3 steps: choose a template; personalize the card; print or export the card. Lots of design features are available so that one can add text, set page size, or change background to make the greeting card visually more appealing. Photo-cropping makes photos fit well into the frame so that there is no messing in the card. Decorate cards attractive with numerous art recourses like frame, mask, clipart etc. What's more, users may resize, rotate or adjust the placement of objects at will. It’s easy to add text with any color or size on your card according to ones preferences. 

The multi-export ways allow users to print greeting cards directly or export any page or pages of greeting cards as image format. Greeting Box supports half-fold printing to suit people’s needs. Also, Greeting Box provides options to send any page or pages of the card directly to E-mail. In addition, one can save the card as a .GBP file for further editing.

What’s more important, the templates will be updated constantly to meet more people’s needs. Every user can get more fascinating and unique templates at a very low cost In-App Purchase. 

Greeting Box is just one of those wonderful and practical tools that brings much happiness to people around the world. This user-friendly application focusing on the Mac platform will bring a positive interaction and communication to people.

Greeting Box is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 or above the operating system. It is top 10 free app on Mac app store. Further information of the product can be found at the product page. 

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CollageIt Pro Giveaway at BitsDuJour Available for Only 24 Hours!

CollageIt Pro is a program on Windows that makes photo collages automatically. It will be totally free on 15 September at BitsDuJour.com. There will be unlimited number of copies for worldwide users. The schedule for this 100% off deal is from Saturday 15 September, 2012, and it’s only available for 24 hours.

BitsDuJour is a website providing various Windows and Mac software deals. It offers valuable software discounts every day and provides a platform for 50% to 90% off exclusive discounts and 100% off software deals, each lasting for 24 hours only. Now BitsDuJour, the free software deal provider has initially cooperated with PearlMountain, the vendor of CollageIt Pro and has added the software to its "BitsDuJour 100% off" list for giveaway.

For BitsDuJour is changing products every day, and each deal is only available for 24 hours, just come on to get this photo collage software worth $19.90 at:

You definitely don’t want to miss it. Compared with other picture collage software, CollageIt Pro exceeds in its automatically generating collages and extremely easy-to-use. Some of the highlighted features include:

1.  Simply add your photos to your collage; using “Random Layout” to generate layout automatically and customize collage; then export or share your collage.

2. Choose your favorite collage layout from various collage templates.

3. Easily personalize collage by adjusting photo number, photo space, page margin, rotation, sparse, and so on. Decorate collage with photo border and shadow.

4. Save collage as an image file; set as desktop wallpaper; share through Email.

BitsDuJour will make this ongoing deal public in advance. If you would like to have one Free, just register in the website to get the email. Everyone just needs to click "I Want This" button for the needed software and will get a notice Email when the “preordered” product is formally online. It can be guaranteed that each copy provided is the legal and latest version of the software product, so the transaction is 100% safe.

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