PicLight for Mac: Photo Lighting Effects & Filters Made Easy

Want to add awesome photo lighting effects to your photos? PicLight for Mac is the best choice. It is a great way to add various photo effects and filters from multiple categories and layer up effects for unlimited possibilities. Besides, easy-to-use image-editing tools are also integrated to enable you to enhance your photos like an artist. 

170+ Lighting Effects in 4 Categories


One of PicLight’s most prominent features is its bulk of lighting effects in 4 categories: Montage, Light, Glow and Texture. Each effect can provide a unique look to your photo and it’s effortless to layered up any category of effects. Just within a few seconds, you can make your photos superbly impressive.

With 40+ fairly endearing Montage effects, you can get excellent and magical lighting effects on output photos. Light category includes 55+ realistic Light effects such as a flashlight, sunshine, other light ray and more. Besides, PicLight introduces 45+ Glow effects such as Bokeh and fluorescence, etc. Glow effects make you image richer, adding a dreamy feel to your work. The Texture effects are incredibly fun and versatile. In this category, you may try photo effects like cracking paint, stone texture, and dark cracked.

To do more with the Blending Modes offering Screen, Overlay, Color Dodge and Lighter. It lets you produce limitless new style effects by combining with the former 170+ effects. Alpha of the effects can be easily altered to change the effect opacity. You can even flip the chosen effect to position the effect properly.

25+ Image Filters


Except these hot lighting effects mentioned above, there are 25+ delicate image filters built in PicLight with thumbnails for previewing. Feel free to choose your favorite one like B&W, Sepia, Dark and Vintage, etc. Simply click the chosen filter again to remove it.

Handy Image-editing Tools 


PicLight for Mac lets people edit images with the most easy to use tools such as cropping, rotating and flipping and property sliders. Users can crop the image to fit the aspect ratio or just customize the image size at will. You have options to adjust the photo Saturation, Hue, Exposure, Contrast, Brightness, Highlights and Shadows via the corresponding slider. All these feature buttons and sliders come in handy.

If you like, you can compare the enhanced photo with the original one by clicking the button “Compare” or get a quick comparing view using “Quick Compare”. Definitely, you can also switching all the effects off with the feature of “Revert to Original”.

Multiple Export & Share Options


Users can opt to save the photo as image file, send the photo directly to iPhoto, set as desktop wallpaper or send via Email. PicLight offers online sharing via Facebook and Flickr.

PicLight for Mac is a great app for you to show off your own shots with endless lighting effects and image filters. Just try it out to prove it.

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