CollageIt Free Vs Instagram

People love taking photos and sharing them on various social networking sites. With the popularity of smartphones that now capture great photos like digital cameras, it’s easier for users to take wonderful images. These pictures can also be enhanced or made into a collage using various applications. CollageIt Free (the latest version is CollageIt 3 Free) and Instagram are two of these programs. If you have a Mac computer and you are wondering which is better to use between CollageIt Free vs Instagram, let’s get to know more about them to find out. 

What is CollageIt Free?

CollageIt Free is a software that you can download without a cost, which would let you create photo collage easily like a pro. You can save your collage to your computer, send it via e-mail or share on Facebook and Flickr. This is compatible for both Mac and Windows computers. It also has a version for iOS devices.

CollageIt comes with various layouts, templates and backgrounds. It has a user friendly interface so it would be easy for you to learn how to use it. Choose your template and add the photos that you would like to include by dragging them on the specified field or by clicking the add button and selecting the images. On the left side are various options that would let you specify how many photos you would like to include for the layout, space, margin, rotation and sparse. Clicking on the photo tab lets you enable frame on your photos, choose its color and its thickness. There’s also the option to enable shadow. Click on page set up to change the size and orientation of your collage. Clicking on background gives you the option to choose an image or fill color for your background. You can also click on random layout to instantly see a different version of your collage. Click the export button once done to save, send or share your work.  

What is Instagram?

Instagram on the other hand is a free photo editing and sharing application that is available for iOS users. There is currently no version for Mac, though there are third party programs that you can use to access Instagram on your Mac like InstaDesk. You can do everything that you usually do on your Instagram account except for uploading photos. This is only exclusive for the mobile app, as well as the creation of an Instagram account.

Instagram lets you enhance photos and save them on your phone, share with your Instagram followers or post on Twitter and Facebook. You can resize your photos before sharing. It is most popular for its filters that let you instantly add effects on your images, making them look more eye-catching.

Pros and Cons of CollageIt Free

CollageIt Free is easy to use. It has a basic user interface that is straightforward so the options would tell you immediately what they are for. It comes with various backgrounds and layouts so you can create different styles of collages quickly. It also lets you customize your work if you want it to be more personalized. Furthermore, it is compatible with Mac, as well as with iOS devices. The drawback is that it doesn’t come with photo enhancement feature like filters. But if your photos are already good, this wouldn’t be needed.

Pros and Cons of Instagram

The good thing about Instagram is that it lets you add filters making your photos look like they were taken by a pro. However, you cannot create a collage using it. Plus, it doesn’t come with a Mac version so you need to use another program in order to access your Instagram account, which would not even allow you to upload photos.

The Conclusion

Instagram is a great application for enhancing photos on your iOS phone. However, if you are looking for an application to make your photos more presentable using Mac, CollageIt Free is a better option. It doesn’t take time to create fantastic photo collages with this program. Plus, if you hurry up, CollageIt 3 Pro has a free macgiveaway contest which ends on Oct. 31 at 24:00 CST. So better gear up and join the party!

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