Picture Collage Maker 3.5 for Mac - More Flexible, Powerful and Comprehensive!

Picture Collage Maker for Mac just gets a fresh new look on its latest version 3.5. This newly updated version introduces many new incredibly useful features, including the smart shape objects, extensions on text, brand new GUI, improvement of retina display compatibility, and more.

“Picture Collage Maker is a comprehensive application that allows you to create beautiful collages out of your personal photos or any type of images stored in your computer. It is a full-featured utility that offers the proper means to design professional-looking creations that may take the form of photo albums, calendars, disk covers, scrapbooks, greeting cards, magazine covers, and so on.”
  -- macdownload.informer.com

It’s really what it is! With the many improvements and newly introduced features, Picture Collage Maker for Mac becomes more flexible, powerful and comprehensive, which will help you make your photo creations in top notch from others easier. Well, let’s see some new features of Picture Collage Maker 3.5 for Mac.    

Add Smart Shape Objects
One of the most fascinating new tools is the preset shapes like curved or straight lines, rectangle, triangle, dialog box, hexagon, pentagram, etc. You are able to add them into your creations and easily change their looks by dragging and moving one of the points on the selected item. In addition, you can fill the shape will colors you like.

Enhanced Text Functionality
Picture Collage Maker 3.5 is enhanced with a large number of commands for working with selected text. It gives you a more flexible ability to reformat the text style, including fill, stroke, shadow, etc. You can also freely change the text font, size, color, alignment and so on. 

Brand New GUI and Perfect Retina Display
The updated version 3.5 of Picture Collage Maker for Mac gets a new GUI with more features. It comes with a super flexible and user-friendly interface. I think new users as well as the old users will definitely love this fresh new look and then work the way up as get comfortable with the functionality.

Additionally, another good thing is that Picture Collage Maker 3.5 is fully compatible with the retina display, which allows all Mac users to enjoy the fast performance and attractive design when viewing and editing high-resolution photos.

Other Improvements and Bug Fixes
Besides the amazing new features mentioned above and some shinning features of hundreds of gorgeous templates, stylish masks and frames, delicate clipart, various photos effects and others maintained from the former version, Picture Collage Maker 3.5 gets lots of improvements and optimizations.

For instance, you have more flexible options to add your own network image, clipart and mask. You can set the page margin and duplicate pages at will. Lock /Unlock and Group / Ungroup features are also available in the latest version. Just list some of them. Many more new minor updates wait you to try out.       

In short, Picture Collage Maker 3.5 for Mac definitely unveils a functionally flexible, powerful and comprehensive collage maker. Don’t believe it? Go ahead to check and prove it. 

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